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Money and the World Order

The systems that run the world are all based on money and exchange of goods for a benefit. This is easy to see when one goes to a shop and purchases goods and pays for them with the method of exchange in that area. It is not so easy to see, however, when one pays for something and the return is invisible. That happens in religion, for instance, whereby promises are made that after-death one will receive the entitlement.

It is at that point that magic enters the equation and in today’s world more things are based on promises than on reality. Arguments persuading one to part with their money are now covered by tertiary studies and economic degrees. The goal is making money circulate and that can be at any cost to either an individual or society in general.

What does one achieve when paying for a ride on a Merry-go-round at a local Fair? Or when taking a plunge over a cliff in a Bungy type experience? The only thing returned is a small rush of adrenalin that becomes addictive and makes the partaker want more of the same. These things are, however, counted as business enterprises and they are incorporated in the World Order.

Anything that gives a moments pleasure, or adds a little to the entertainment of the brain is good business. People will often pay more, therefore, for these things than for food for their body. Drugs, alcohol, and gambling are high on this list and they are all supported as they take money from pockets and savings and spin it out through the community.

The bottom line is the World Order is constructed on money and unless it flows throughout the communities it becomes stagnant and the structure it supports will fail. Governments are forever vigilant and they must ensure that their policies focus on helping the business sector over those that would stagnate the economy.

In countries where this is not the case the state can fail and this is happening now in some areas where the business sector is at a standstill or almost so. Recent examples include Venezuela, where the economy is almost non-existent and now Rio, the city that will soon host the Olympics Games, that has declared itself bankrupt.

It is obvious that many countries are fighting to stave off similar collapses as the World Order is rocked by an uncertain economic outlook. World-wide jittery nerves are watching with interest as the value in shares topple and financial systems struggle to overcome over-value in their currency and over-spending on things that may not save them, such as defense and wars.

Three Cities Air Conditioning Systems Have Helped Grow

These days, many of us take for granted the fact that we have air conditioning readily available to us. Whether we’re in our homes, offices, or favorite hangout spots, we avoid the physical discomfort that accompanies rising temperatures. Like all inventions, there was a time when human beings lived without the technology. It wasn’t until the 1950s that air conditioning was invented. Before then, the Northeast housed America’s most economically powerful businesses. With the widespread implementation of this technology, the population of hot states grew rapidly. Today, Orlando, Las Vegas, and San Francisco all owe their successes to these cooling systems.


Orlando wasn’t always home to America’s favorite theme parks. It wasn’t until the 1950s that Walt Disney decided to build his fantasy park just outside the city’s borders. Friction heats up these facilities quickly because these attractions have many moving parts. Couple that with temperatures in the mid to high 90s, and the theme parks would have been unbearable to attend. But with cooling systems, the theme parks can keep the equipment running properly while making sure that their guests and staff members don’t pass out from heat exhaustion. The technology also helps create a workforce that would otherwise not be able to live in the harsh Florida weather.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas is home to magical hotels and casinos that showcase some of the most talented performers in the world. Without the implementation of cooling systems, the infrastructure of the Las Vegas strip would have never gotten off the ground. In order to keep guests sat in the casinos playing their games, the casino staff has to make sure the temperature is properly regulated. Casino administrators also use the dry Nevada heat to their advantage. When tourists walk down the strip to get to their destinations, they must from time to time duck into one of the casinos to escape from the sweltering sun. Once the guest is inside the casino, they might as well play a game while they cool off.

San Francisco

San Francisco is mostly known for having excellent weather. So why would cooling systems be so important for this region? Without proper cooling, computers and other pieces of technology can overheat and stop working. When the technology industry first started, the programming mainframes were huge and emitted a lot of heat. In order to keep them working, tech companies had to house them in chilled environments to counteract the amount of energy they released. As technology has advanced, so has the cooling systems implemented in these machines.

As you can see, America would not be the country it is today without the advent of air conditioning systems.

British Public Choose to Leave the EU, What Does This Mean for Property Investors?

The British public has taken the monumental decision to leave the European Union. What does that mean for those looking to invest in the UK’s property market?

An Opportunity for Overseas Investors to Take Advantage of the Pound Sterling’s Short Term Weakness

The pound sterling has been strong and stable currency. There is an opportunity for overseas property investors to take advantage of the short-term weakness in the wake of the EU Referendum result. The pound sterling has devalued relative to other currencies but the long term fundamentals are still true: The U.K conducts most of the financial transactions between the USA and Europe. The is no reason why this would not continue. Additionally, the U.K and England in particular have a safe political environment. If overseas investors purchase property during this period of uncertainty it is cheaper in relative terms and the GBP could rebound thereby leading to a quick appreciation and profit for the investor.

Britain Leaving the EU Means Less Competition in the Property Market

There has been much speculation as to how a vote to leave would affect investors and the property market in the UK. Ratings agency Moody’s reported that Brexit would affect London’s housing market the most, as there would be fewer sales to EU nationals which means less competition and subsequently lower house prices. This is good news for potential investors, who can take advantage of falling property prices. Although there may be fewer sales to EU nationals, the UK will no longer be bound by EU regulations of property investing and sales, which could be beneficial to potential investors.

Brexit Means Lower Interest Rates on Mortgages

Economists have argued that interest rates should be set to fall, as the Bank of England tries to stimulate the economy. This is welcome news to anyone looking to take out a mortgage on a property, and even in the run up to the referendum five and ten year fixed-rate mortgages have been at their lowest ever level.

How Will the Leave Vote Affect Student Accommodation?

On the whole, the demand for purpose built student accommodation should not be so affected by the Brexit vote. Although some EU students may be dissuaded from studying in the UK following the result in the fear that they’d be charged the same fee as an international student, EU students account for just 6% of full time students studying in the UK. Furthermore, it’s not entirely clear whether universities will charge EU students a higher fee, UCL has one of the highest number of EU students studying with it and has already announced that it will not raise fees for EU students.

Individuals looking to invest can now take advantage of the economic uncertainty caused by the “Leave” vote, including lower interest rates on mortgages, less competition and potentially more favourable UK property investment regulations.

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